April 19, 1943: “He’s nutz!”


My dearest Husband,

Got two letters from you today and was sorry to hear that you are in Camp Campbell for I know, honey, that you don’t want to be there, but hope it won’t be for long.  Last Monday when I got to Dubuque, Fred was there in town so I got a hold of him and rode back with him.  Pat was married when I got here, to Eileen H., you know, the girl he always asked about in his letters.  It’s Delbert’s sister’s girl.  Pat was supposed to go back today but guess he is going to join the Army.  I don’t think he knows what he wants.  He’s nutz!  Frank K. died and is buried already.  Had pneumonia.  All last week, honey, I kept wondering about you and where you would be sent.  I sure as hell miss you more all the time.  I’ve been thinking that I may go to Waterloo or Waukegan, Ill. and get work.  Honey, I might just as well be working as loafing.  I would just get a room and take Chingy with me.  I’d like to save the $50 every month so we will have something when you get back.  Honey, I’ll send the money tomorrow cuz Mom and Sam aren’t here, and I’ll send $5 now and $5 in a week.  Will that be O.K.?  I’m broke myself and have had to get $10 already for rent, lights, insurance.  It’s from Mom.  That’s why I’ve decided to leave and get work, so I can always send you some from time to time.  Honey, write and tell me when your mother’s birthday is.

We had a house full of company yesterday, all the kids were home and Elsie, Ed Myers, and Fred.  I rode to Dubuque last night with Edith to get Verle.  He went to Des Moines Sat. and came back last night.  Sure made me mad when I seen him in his uniform.  Not fair, but he can only wear it 90 days.  He is working steady on farm for James’.  A bunch from Clayton Co. left today for Des Moines.  I got a card from Margie.  They were in Chicago waiting for next train.  I’ll send card to you.

Mom heard that train wreck announced over radio and I sure worried.  Thought it could be you.  Thank God it wasn’t.  Sure hope, darling, you’re not sent too far away.  And when you get settled I may be able to come nearby and get a defense job and bring Ching too.  We’ll see–I want to get a job so that if you get a furlough we can have enough money.  Everyone was froze to their jobs Sat. night, though.  Well darling, I’ll send you money tomorrow, and another letter.  Explain what the (abb) abbreviations mean on your new address.

All my Love, Your wife always,

XXXXXXXXXXXXXX  Babe                                                                              I love you–

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