Thursday, April 1943: “it’s a blue ole day”

My Darling,

It’s a blue ole day here in Millville.  Rainy, cold and dreary.  Gosh honey, I miss you lots.  Got your letter this morning…sorry you dislike it so much but honey, as you say, we must keep our chins up.  You won’t be there long, and when you get settled again I plan on bringing Ching and taking a job close to wherever you are.

Pat left at 3:25 this a.m.  His wife is pretty darn blue too, but we look for Pat back in a few days.  He still wants to get in the Army.  He took your address along in case he goes through close to where you are.  Heini quit his job today.  Guess he is going to Savannah…maybe Mom will go too.  Babe and Sam are considering moving to Guttenberg. I am glad you are feeling better.  Honey, I have been having a nervous stomach every day it comes on me.  It’s a miserable feeling.  Nothing serious, though.

We went fishing the other day and Mom and I got in quick sand.  We went in up to our knees and couldn’t get out.  Babe had to come to our rescue or I guess we would still be there.  We were scared stiff…no fish, either.

Honey dear I sure hope when you get out of that hole you will get a furlough.  Could sure use a few days with you.  I stay down with Mom most of the time.  I’m not so lonesome then.  I’ll wait until you get moved again before I go to work anyplace.  Hope I can come close to you.

Well darling, guess this is all for today.  I never got the package yet, but probably will soon.

Well, Baby will write you again tomorrow.  I love you.

Your wife, Babe

P.S. Pat just called.  He is on way back to join Army.  He was in La Parte, Indiana.



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