April 28, 1943: Kentucky

My dearest,

Honey I got your letter today and believe me I sure was glad to get it.  Monday and Tuesday I didn’t get any mail from you so I figured you were moved.  I hope, honey, that you are feeling better.  Maybe now that you are away from Kentucky you will be better.

Pat is going back today.  He got a week’s extension on his leave, so he leaves tonight.  He and Eileen (his wife) are here now.  Babe and Sam are taking them to Dubuque to take the train.  He may come back next week and join the Army.

Honey I never got the package yet, but probably will soon.  Sure glad your mother sent you some money too.  I’ll send you some one of these days if you don’t get your check this month.  Pat is going to write a line,

(Pat’s letter)

Midshipman P.H. Livingston, U.S.N.R. 2nd class, Wednesday, 3 p.m.

Dear Rexy,

I am now in Millville.  I have overstayed my leave 9 days.  Let ’em get me.  Ha!  Ha!  You see, I am leaving for New York at 2 a.m. tomorrow.  I got married so maybe I’ll give up my commission for just the chance to be with my wife longer.  I’ve been around the world, have 3 campaign ribbons, another for injured and another for being torpedoed.

Now, Rex, you be good and take care of yourself.  I hope to see you soon after this damn war is over.  But, from my observations in Africa, India, and Australia, it won’t be over until 1950.  I hope I’m wrong.  Now when I get where I go (Russia, I think) I’ll drop a line.  I may resign Navy ( I had an appointment) and go in Army (was told I could get in).  My wife adds a few lines…

I hope I meet you very soon, Rexy.  It’s awful having a brother and not being able to see him.  Your sister, Eileen L.

Rex, Be good.  But what I can’t see is why we in the service don’t get a Union like that bastard Lewis and strike for higher wages.  What are we fighting for?  These bastards getting $600 a month and striking or what?  (I think I’ll strike and take another week off.)

Be good,

Your Bro and Sis,

Pat and Eileen

(return to Babe)

I sure have been working, making garden, planting flowers, and Dick got me some vines to go up the house.  So it will be pretty when everything comes out.  I even whitewashed some rocks and made a rock fence.

If you ever get settled again soon I sure hope I can come where you are and work.  Gee, I hope you get a furlough.  Try hard for one.

Pat had a wedding dance last night at Edgewood.  We all went and sure had a rotten time.  Delbert is sick, Ina sure is worried about him…thinks he has a cancer.  Margaret is coming home.  Laverne is being moved to Oregon.  Donald H. (you know, my cousin), well he has been in the same place you are now but is moved now.

Well honey I guess I got to get this in the mail.  I sure wish you were here.  I’ll write more tomorrow.  I’ve sure got the blues today.  Hope you don’t stay in Penn. too long.  Wish you’d come back this way.

All my love,

Your wife, Babe

P.S. I waited all day Sunday for call.  Hope to get one next Sun. —



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