May 11, 1943: “it was censored”

My Darling Husband,

Honey, I sure was surprised to get your letter.  What I mean is that it was censored and the address didn’t look good to me.  I sure wish I knew just where you are, but hope you get to stay in the States, and honey, do your damnedest for a furlough.  I certainly think you have been in long enough to get one.

Honey, don’t think about me being sick anymore for I am feeling O.K. again and hope you are alright.  I sent your mother a Mother’s Day card and crocheted her a rug and sent it to her today for Birthday.  Mom helped me make it and she sent her two handkerchiefs.  I signed yours and my name to them (pkg and cards).  Chingy is taking vitamins and sure is a lot better.

Did you get all the mail I’ve sent you, it will probably be forwarded?  Is the mail I send you censored?  Let me know.

Toots and Carl were here and want me to come out and work for them, but guess I’ll stay here until I find out about your furlough and destination.  Anyway, when I go to work I’ll want more money than they can give me.

Honey, I sure want you to be good cuz honest honey I never go anyplace, and take care of yourself.  I’m thinking of you constantly and love you so much.  Write to me often and try to come home on a furlough.

I’ll write tomorrow again.

All my love, your wife,


P.S. Let me know if I can send a package to you.


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