May 12, 1943: Keep Smilin’

My darling,

I got your letter today and it made me feel much better to know where you are.  Are you right on the coast?  It shows it on the map that way.  Your letter today wasn’t censored either.  You seem to be in much better spirits too.

Honey, I’m O.K.  Don’t think about me being sad anymore cuz I’m perfectly O.K.

It’s raining here today.  Sure does a lot of that here lately.  Been real cold too.  My garden is up good.  Won’t be long and I’ll have radishes and onions to eat.

Mom and Babe <this is her twin sister, Hilda.  Both were called “Babe”> got 50 baby chicks apiece.  I’m taking care of them today.  Sure are cute lil devils.  Mom is over to Harry and Betty’s today a papering.  Pat is still over to his wife’s folks.  She is graduating this week.  He will probably be in Army before long.

Honey, I hope you get to stay there a long time before you have to go across.  Sure hope you get to come home before long.

Laverle called home and he is going to have to go across and Margaret is coming home.

The people that live in Fred’s house are sure nice.  Two families, they are nice to me.

Mom pays me for doing her work here, I owe her tho’.  Honey, I wish you would get a garrison hat if you can, in case you get a furlough I want you to have one.

I’m going to write to your mother today.  I wish she would come and see me.  I wouldn’t be able to go there for quite awhile.  I have my garden you know, and Mom is going to give me 10 lil chickens for taking care of hers.

Toots wants me to come to W’loo and clean her house and she will give me $15, but I don’t know whether I will go or not.  Don’t think so.  She was wondering why she hadn’t heard from you and (Donna) had been carrying a letter around for a couple weeks that she wrote to you.

Harold B. is home.  He is going back Saturday.  He is stationed at Vancouver, Washington.

I hope your mother likes the rug I sent her.

The war news sure does look good lately.  Hope it continues so you can come back home in a short time.  I’m sure looking forward to us being together again.  I don’t think we’ll go to the city tho, I like the country so much better.

Well honey, the lil chicks are sure chirping so guess I’d better put them back under their mothers.

I’ll write again tomorrow.

All My Love is Yours,

Your Wife,

keep smilin


My Dearest,

Honey, I was glad to get both your calls.  Sure made me feel better.  I never can think of much to say tho.  Gee, I hope you don’t have to go where it is so cold, but I know you would be safe in Alaska cuz I don’t think they are fighting up there.  Maybe you will work on that road.  It would be safe, but awful cold.  Damn this war.

Did you get a check this month?  I haven’t gotten mine yet but will in a few days.  Sure need it too.  Going to pay on bills too.  As soon as you know where you will be then I can plan more on what I’ll do.  Sure hope you are not sent across.  God, that will be hell, but I don’t think you will be.  Babe and I have been going fishing a lot.  Yesterday we got a nice mess in Big Turkey.   I’m going to plant tomato and cabbage plants.  Even if I leave here Mom can use my garden stuff, and it gives me something to do.

It means a lot to hear your voice.  I’m anxious to know where you will be sent.  I’ll pray that it isn’t too far.  Honey, you mean everything to me and it’s hell being away from you.  I sure hate it that you dislike it so much now.  Hope you gain your weight back.

Well darling, I’ll keep on writing every day and hope you receive them.

All my love,

Your Wife,




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