May 4, 1943: “It looks like rain”

Dearest Husband,

Got your letter, honey.  I’m over helping Edith clean the store today.  Sure is a job.  Will take a couple days at least…make me a lil extra money.  I didn’t get my check today.  Dorothy got hers…I’ll probably get mine tomorrow.

It looks like rain.  We certainly have been having our share of it.  It stays cold here, too.

Honey, I sure hope you are sent to some camp in the States.  Dorothy said that they outfitted Rody in heavy clothes and then sent him to a warm place.  So maybe they will do the same with you, but God, I hope it’s here, some place close.  (Pal Lolla?) has been working on farm for his in laws and last night he and wife came back.  Now he is ready for Army.  Said he would rather be in Africa then on the farm.  You know how he always raves.

Mom and Heini are invited out to supper over at Ed and Elsie’s.  They are in Guttenberg now.  Carl is foreman at Deere’s now.  So guess he has a steady job.  They are coming here Sunday and want me to go back with them, but I’m not so sure I will yet.

Honey, I think of you all the time too.  It sure is hell being so far away from you, and I know it’s awful for you in those camps.  By now you are probably gone from Penn.  I won’t know until Friday or Sat. though.

I must get to some place so I can get your mother and mine something for Mother’s Day.

Honey, I got to get back to work.  I’ll close–will write tomorrow.

All my love,


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