May 5, 1943: “sure as hell broke”

Wed. 2:30

My Dearest Husband,

Today, Honey, I got two letters from you, one you wrote Sat. night and the other after you called me Sunday.  I wish now you would have told me about A.W.O.L. before.  Suppose it is too late now.  I haven’t got my check yet.  It seems darn funny to me.  I hope I get it tomorrow cuz I’m sure as hell broke.  Edith gave me $1.50 for helping her yesterday but I told her to put it on my bill.  I owed her a couple dollars.  I got to help her some more, but today is cream day and it makes it too busy.

God, it’s windy here today.  I washed out a few of my clothes by hand and they got dirty as h— on the line.  A lot of dust.  It’s going to rain any minute.  Hope it does so it settles the dust.

Honey, did you say you were issued heavier clothes or was that a rumor?  Sure hope you can get home B/4 you have to go very far away.   You do as you want to about coming.  You know what I mean.  I’d sure like to see you and I don’t mean maybe.  I suppose, tho, you have left there by now an I’m certainly wondering where.  If not, why don’t you come home if you can.

Yes, Honey, it looks real nice around the cabin.  Everyone remarks about it too.  They bring me flower plants.  I set out a lilac tree and rose bushes.  Hope to have vines growing up around the cabin.  Dick P. went out in woods and got me some bittersweet vine and ivy.  Hope everything grows good.  I’ve got my garden in.  I’ve got some in that lil stretch to the north of the house and some out in the yard.   It helps to level it off a lot.  I’ve planted a lil of every thing.  Hope you get home to help me enjoy it.

Sunday is “Mother’s Day”.  Guess I’ll just send your mother a card and get her something for Birthday.

Marlin B. and his wife are back here again.  He got notice to get back on farm or he would be drafted.  So they are back to stay.  Have been in Waukegan.

I hope I can send you a package soon.  I bought some Nestles chocolate to make you some cookies, but won’t send them yet.  Better still, if you can come home I’ll make them then.

I’m going to fry fish for supper, crappies and fiddlers. Heinie bought them in town.  Baby, I sure wish you were here to eat them but I know you don’t care much for fish.

Last night in bed I got to thinking about us and the first time I seen you and the first time we were together.  Honey, it was swell lovin’ then and it is now and always will be.  My Daddy is the only one that can love Mommy the way she wants to be loved, and honey baby believe me when I say I’m saving it all for you.  I know you are, too.  I don’t even go to shows.  Edith always asks me but I don’t seem to be in the mood.

When the weather is nice I like it here real well, but when it’s rainy or cold I about go nutz. I putter around in my garden and yard a lot and enjoy it.

Well baby, guess this is all I know for today.  Will write again tomorrow and hope this finds you in case you are moved.

Call me C.O.D. whenever you feel you want to talk to me cuz it helps us both a lot.

It’s raining now and I’m getting blue.

All my love always,




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