May 13, 1943: Newport News

Thurs. P.M.

Dearest Husband,

No letter from you today, but suppose you are busy or I know I could expect one.  I got a card from Toots today; she sure wants me to come out and clean house for her.  If I knew for sure I’d have you mail the letters there, but I’m not sure and anyway I’ll get them just one day late.

It’s a swell day here today.  Babe and I are going mushrooming and maybe fishing.

If I go to Toots’ I’m going to take Ching with me and have him wormed and leave him at the veterinarian to have his back fixed up, O.K.?  Since I’ve given him vitamins he is lots better.

Honey, the war news sure sounds good.  Gabriel Heater (radio announcer) says it can’t last longer than August.  Wouldn’t that be swell.  Gee, honey, I sure hope you never have to go across.  Mom said three or four times last night that she sure hoped you could stay on this side and we all feel better now that we know where you are.  What is the name of the camp? The post mark says Newport News, VA.

I set out a lilac bush and snowball bush last night.  If everything grows it will sure be pretty around here–vines and flowers, etc.

Radio is playing “Got My Ten Day Furlough”…sure is good and do I ever wish you could sing it.  Are you sure you keep at it?  Suppose you are on maneuvers now.  Sure glad to hear the war is over in N. Africa.  Hope the good news keeps up.

Edith and Verle asked me to go to a show with them last night, but I don’t give a snap to go anyplace.  I’m really interested in my garden, flowers, etc.  Sure helps to keep me occupied.  I don’t care much if I go to Loatall’s (?) or not.  All I’m doing is planning on your return and our happiness.

All my Love,

Your wife

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