May 14, 1943: “It’s a swell day here”

My Own Dear Husband,

Today I got a letter from you.  It was written last Sat. night, the 8th, so it almost took a week, as this is Friday.  The letter wasn’t even sealed.  I wish when the censor reads it he would at least seal it as it would seem a little more personal.  It’s a swell day here and I’ve done a big washing.  I hadn’t done all of it since I came back from being with you.  So I’ll do the handkerchiefs up and send them to you.  Also, some cookies if I can.  Let me know.  I heard something over the radio about not sending packages to boys–it may be overseas. Anyway, find out and let me know if I can and if you think you will be there very long.

Yes, honey, Mother’s Day I sure thought a lot about you.  I thought maybe you might have called your Mother, but know now that you didn’t, or rather couldn’t.  Did you to to church?  I’m glad you are feeling better.  Have you been getting all the letters I’ve sent you there and at Penn.?  Hope so.

I set out some more tomato plants and some celery plants last night.  It’s been a lil too cold for my garden but it’s growing just the same.

Honey, Sammy doesn’t drink anymore.  His stomach has sure been on the bum.  So, therefore, Babe doesn’t drink either.  And honey, if you even think of me drinking you’re mistaken cuz I never go anyplace and never drink any of Fred’s beer.  I drink quite a bit a Coke.

Chingy is sitting on the porch.  He sure is a lot of company.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the weather there and that you like it…that is the main thing.

Babe just came so I’ll finish later.

She left so will write a lil more.  I’m going to Dubuque tomorrow with them…have to get Cleo Mae and Pat’s wife a graduation present.

Margaret came home yesterday.  LaVerle was sent to Wyoming and if he can get her a job she is going there.  Bertha (her mother) had a baby boy the night B/4 last so Margaret will be able to help a lot.  We haven’t seen Margaret yet.

This is a secret (Edith told me and I can’t tell anyone) but her and Verle are supposed to get married any time now.  They were going to take their blood tests this week but so far haven’t.  I wonder if it will ever happen; I’ll let you know if and when it does.

Am sending you one of the pictures I had developed and don’t think you have one like it.  If so, send it back.

Well Baby I gotta get this in the mail so will close.

I’ll try and write tomorrow, but on Saturdays it’s hard to get a letter out of Millville.  No school and Edith Stegan doesn’t pick it up and take it to Turkey River.  Also, Sundays…I’ll try though.

I’m always so anxious for the mailman to come, and certainly look forward to your letters. The mailman generally stops out in front here and gives me my letters.  I’m going to get a mail box tomorrow.

All my Love,

Your wife forever,


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