May 16, 1943: “Hi Rex”

My Dear Husband,

I have your letter in front of me, and am glad you had such a nice visit with Donald.  Heinie and Emmet thought they were going to have a visit with you yesterday.  A troop train went through Guttenberg and they were right close.  They seen a fellow that looked just like you and they waved and hollered “Hi Rex” and the fellow waved and hollered back.  They jumped in the car and went up to depot, but only to find out it wasn’t you.  They said it sure looked like you.  I think if it had been you you’d have gotten off–I hope.  Honey, I hope I get word that you get a pass.  If so, I’ll sure come to Dubuque to meet you, and I got my check today, too.  I’m paying a few bills but won’t pay many until I hear whether or not you can get home.  Just our luck, though, that you are sent out of there already.

George Graybill was taken sick today.  Took him to Dr. and haven’t gotten back yet so don’t know what’s the matter with him.

I cleaned the cabin today.  I sleep with Mom nights until it warms up a lil more.  Sure stormed here last night.

I’m going to do an ironing now, and go down to Edith’s for awhile.  I may go to Dubuque tomorrow and get a pair of shoes.  Never have gotten any yet.

Well honey, I hope you get to come home B/4 very darn long, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.  It seems it would be too good to be true, though.  It would mean everything to be with you again.

Well darling, tomorrow maybe I’ll know one way or other.  So until I hear from you tomorrow I’ll be hoping you get to come.

(I love you)                                                              Always yours,

Babe (your wife)

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