May 18, 1943: “I’ll be darned if it isn’t raining”

My Dear Darling,

Well here I am in W’loo.  I rode with John just 15 mi from here and got a ride on in here and got here at 10:15.  We left home at 8 this morning.  So it sure didn’t take me long.  It’s a dreary day here.  Looks like rain.  I stopped at Mrs. Debners(?) first and was she ever glad to see me.  She has her wrist broken and Hilda Hennessey was washing for her.  I didn’t go in the apartment but am invited up again.  Don came up after me.  He overslept and was home.  Phyllis called me.  She said she had called a dozen times the last week expecting me.  She is going to wash at Chamberlins tomorrow I guess.  Harold is in Ia and also Harold Hennessey.  So they want me to come and live with them in case their husbands have to go.  But I’m not going to until I find out what you are going to do.  Toots isn’t home from work yet.  In fact, I am looking for her any time.  Don said most of the house cleaning is done, so I won’t have much to do and I’m glad.  They are going to Colesburg Friday night for the graduation exercises so maybe I’ll go back home then.

I tried to call Maris but no one home.  I guess I’ll have to go over to Marvinds (?) cuz they don’t have a telephone.

I called the vet for Ching but he is out of town.  They will call me when he comes in.  Hope he can help Ching.  Gee honey, I’m sure praying that you will get a furlough.  I’m sure anxious to be with you again, darling.

I think after awhile I’m going to work and then I can save the allotment and get all the bills paid up fast.  Raths are hiring a lot again.  Toots got 52 hrs last week.

Honey, I’ll write more after Toots gets home.  Maybe she’ll know some news.


Well honey I just came from taking Ching to Dr.  Boy was he mad.  It took both Drs. to hold him while he gave him a shot and he pooped a lil.  I am to take him back tomorrow and Wed. for more shots.  He gave me some pills too.  He said he should get O.K. and that it is caused from a nerve and lack of vitamins.

I’m waiting for Tootsie.  It’s 3:30 now.  She will be coming anytime.  Blakers (?) don’t live here anymore.  They moved in a house, but Toots has her apt. and room rented.

I’ll be darned if it isn’t raining.  Oh well.  Let it rain.

Tues Morn 7:30– Good Morning Baby.  You know how it is when Toots is around.  Busy talking or doing something every minute.  Fran and Floyd came down and earlier we were over to Reds and also Howards.  Also was up to Selgers (?) Furniture store.  Toots bought a bed spread so I went in and talked to them.  Honey they sure were wonderful.  They even told me not to go to work until you see if you get a furlough.

(Back of paper is a note from Toots)

Hi Rex.  gee you haven’t forgotten me have you?  Well I haven’t forgotten you but seems when I do write you a letter Don carries it around in his school book.  And we are all so busy around here.  I’m stealing this sheet from Babe.  She’s still in bed and it’s 6:30 so I must get breakfast and go to work.  Will be glad when you are back and punching the clock.  Seemed so good to have Babe here yesterday when I came home.  We’ll write more when I have more time.  Hope you get a furlough and you must come to Waterloo.  The boys ask about you,  even Jim.

Must run, with love, Toots

Be good and careful.  HA!


Well I didn’t see where Toots wrote until I turned the page over, so will write on another page.

Anyway, honey, I want to tell you I dreamed about you last night.  Sure was some dream.  I slept in Don’s bed and he slept down here.

I talked to Maris (?), she is coming over this morning.  Everyone sure was glad to see me.  Toots especially.  She kissed and hugged me and is afraid I’ll get homesick.  Don was kidding me that they haven’t any housecleaning done at all.  So guess I’ll make the $15.

Well darling, guess I’ll close and go to ironing.  I’m gonna clean wallpaper today and start cleaning Don’s room.

I love you more every day.

All my love, your Fran (wife),






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