May 21, 1943: “we done wonderful”

My darling,

Honey, I haven’t heard from you for a week and the letter was written May the 8th and I’m wondering if you are on your way across.  I don’t want to believe it, but am almost convinced now.  Unless you are on maneuvers and from what I hear I don’t think so.  If you are on your way over, I certainly am sorry you didn’t get a furlough.  It just doesn’t seem fair.  I only hope some of your buddies are with you.

I’m still at Tootsie’s and working everyday cleaning her house.  Washing her kitchen walls now.  I won’t get done this week so will go home with them Memorial Day.  Then I plan on going and seeing your mother for a week or so.  I got a nice long letter from her asking me to come and she certainly was well pleased with the rug I crocheted and sent her.  I put your ole pajamas and ole work shirt in it.  I know that will mean a lot to her.  I wrote her a letter and told her I would come and visit her.  I like your mother very much and don’t think I could have a better mother-in-law, after all, if I didn’t have her I wouldn’t have had you.

I’ve seen Mardina (?) and Don, also Maris but haven’t been to see either one yet.  I’ve been too tired nights to go anyplace.  However, I’m invited over to Maris and Paul’s for supper tonight.  Toots and Carl and the Paisleys are going to Colesburg to Graduation exercises tonight.  I’m not going, don’t care for the long ride.

The war news looks very good.  Last night the paper said the end was near.  Oh honey I hope that’s true.  For I want my baby back here close to me.  Honey, whatever you do, don’t forget me cuz I’m just living for you and the day you’ll come back to me.  I’m so anxious to hear where you are and how you are.  I sure miss your letters, baby.

I’m going to chuch Sunday with Toots to pray and pray for your safe return.  I’m going to work so we’ll have something when you come home.  I’ll save every cent I can after I pay our bills.

Yesterday I went to town for Toots and met a girl on the street that I went to school with and hadn’t seen for 15 years.  She recognized me and said I hadn’t changed, but honey, she didn’t look like the same person.  She has three children and a drunken husband and he is so mean to her.  Right then and there I thought about what a wonderful husband I have.  Outside of a few lil quarrels, darling, we done wonderful, don’t you think?  Everyone has their spats.  This war is breaking up a lot of homes, but it won’t break ours up, will it honey?

Dale and Lucelle want a picture of you and I together, like you sent your mom, so I’m having some made up.

Well darling, I’m going to start work now so will close and will write again with the hopes that you get my letters sooner or later.  Honey, as soon as possible write me.  I know you will but can’t help but write it.

Honey, you’re everything to me, and I’ll be waiting for you–no matter how long.

Always, your wife,


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