June 5, 1943: “$25 a month is enough for me”

My Darling,

Still no word from you.  Have been looking but guess I’ll just have to wait and someday I’ll be surprised.  I hope you’re getting my letters, honey.  I helped Mom paper in Guttenberg yesterday and today, and made a few dollars.  I’m paying off bills as much as I can.

When I get my check I’m going to give Sammy what we owe him and I’m going to help Babe clean house, so that will lower it some.  $25 a month is enough for me here.  I’m going to try and go see your mother in a couple weeks.

There are a lot of fellows from around here going across.  You know Grant Tompkins?  He is.  Red Penhollow and several others.  Ral Lotts takes his physical in Des Moines tomorrow.  Laverle is in Wyoming.  Ina and Margaret went down to see him and guess Margaret will stay, and Cleo is going there and get a job when Ina gets back.  Guess he is an M.P. now.

Donald Hydes’ wife wants a divorce, but it is impossible for her to get one.  Honey, nothing like that is going to happen in our family.  I love you just as much now as I did before, and why not.  Hope you feel the same way.

I’ve never heard from Margie.  Wonder if she went back to Ky. with Bill.  Guess I’ll go out and pull some radishes and onions and have some supper.  I stay at cabin all the time now.  We sure had a storm last night.  Edith stayed with me.

Well darling, I’ll write again in a day or so.  Hope you get my mail.

I love you,

Your wife, Babe


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