May 27, 1943: “Feels more like 5 years”

(Previously unopened letter)

My Dear Husband,

I’m still wondering, honey, how you are and where you are.  It may be months before I hear from you, but I’ll write three or four times a week anyway.  No need of writing every day cuz you’ll probably receive all of them the same day.

I’m through house cleaning now, just finished today and am going home Saturday.  I sure am tired.  It was a big job.  Toots and Carl are going home, too, for “decoration day”.  Wonder where you are spending yours.  I’ll be so relieved when I start hearing from you again.  I got a rather long letter from your mother.  She is expecting me to come the middle of June, so guess I’ll go if nothing happens.

I’ve been going to bed here at nine o’clock every night.  I’m always so darn tired.  Bed sure feels good.  Tomorrow I’m going to town and buy a new cool summer dress.

Ching sure has been feeling good.  Guess it must be the vitamins I give him.  He still is weak, though.

Tomorrow I’m going to visit with Debners awhile.  Haven’t seen them since the day I came.  Five months ago yesterday you left to go in the Army.  Seems more like five years.

Honey, take good care of yourself.  I think of you all the time and hope you are getting enough rest, food, etc.  I hope you’re safe.  I can’t help but think you’re on your way “over”.  Hope you are still with some of your buddies.

Honey, I’m going to bed now and will write you when I get home.  I don’t know where you’ll be when you get this, or how long it will take, but I only hope you receive all the letters I’ve sent you.

I love you always,

Your wife, Babe

I miss you lotz and lotz.


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