June 10, 1943: “It sure was swell”

My Dear Husband-

Yesterday I received my first letter from you in a month.  It sure was swell to hear again and know that you are safe and well.  Hope you start getting my mail soon.  I wonder where you are, but guess I’ll have to just go on wondering.

Honey, I see in the paper where Debner’s drug store in Waterloo burned down.  The fireman had to rescue them from second story window.  Sure is too bad.  Am glad we were not living there.

It took your v.mail letter ten days to get to New York and two days to get to me.  Haven’t received any others so don’t know if there is much difference or not.  I’ll sure be looking from now on, though.  The address was a lil blurred.  Hope I have it right.  Honey, I miss you lotz and will write you real often and want you to too.

All my love,

Your wife, Babe



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