June 10, 1943: Letter from Patrick

June 9th, 1943

Dear Rex,

Well, Babe rec’d your letter today.  Sure was glad to get it.  I am still around home.  I haven’t got my release yet.  It sure seems good to be here after being where I’ve been.  I sort of think you are where I was at.  I sure like married life.  Went to dance last nite.  Got pretty stiff and sure have a hangover today.  Millville is sure a going yet Fred is the main boy yet, but Sam Myer is next.  ha!  ha!  I guess I’ll be going back in service in a month.  I’m going in Navy.  Who knows, maybe our paths will cross.  Laverle is in Wyoming at concentration camp.  He sure likes it.  I really can’t think of much more to write.  Today Rall Latta is at Des Moines.  He thinks they won’t find anything wrong with him.  Ha!  Ha!  I now weigh 232 pounds.  I’ll send picture of me and wife in a letter lately.  I’ve been home over two months now.  Well Rex, best of luck to you.  Everyone here is fine.  Heinny is working for Sammy.  Mom is still papering.  Well, this is about all.  Take it easy, and good luck.

Patrick and Eileen


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