June 16, 1943: “I read all up on the country you are in”

My Dear Darling,

Honey, I hope by now you have received some of my letters.  I have received two V. mails from you and sent you two V. mails since I heard from you.  I’m wondering if you are getting my mail.  Sure hope so.

Honey, I have been dreaming of you a lot here lately and believe me I sure have been thinking of you.  Sam has a big atlas so I read all up on the country you are in.  It must be quite an adventure to you.  Honey, do you still see any of your buddies from Knox?  Write me about your leisure hours and what you do.  I hope you’re not kept too busy, but busy enuf to keep you out of mischief.

It will be a happy day to me when this war is over and you come back home to me.  I hope it isn’t too dangerous where you are.  The war news sounds good here, though.  Ral Latta leaves in a couple weeks.  I told you he got a month off to build himself up.  Donald Hyde’s wife has taken the star out of the window.  I think it is just terrible.  Guess I’ll have to get a silver star now that you are across.

This fall I’m going to work in canning factory and then probably go some place to work for the winter if you’re not back by then.  Pat is getting anxious to get back in.  He has to go back in Navy on account of experience.

Well darling, I’ll send this air mail and hope 2 hear from you real soon again.

I love you.

Always, Babe


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