June 4, 1943: Sicily

My Dearest Darling,

Baby it’s a beautiful morning in Millville today.  A nice cool breeze and everything smells and looks so fresh after the big rain we have had.  Chingy is sitting in the doorway.  Seems to be enjoying the beauty of everything.

Yesterday I took the bed down and stored it over next door at the neighbor’s and I have so much more room now.  It really looks nice in here and I don’t mind sleeping on studio bed at all.

It’s just 8 o’clock.  Mom has gone papering and Babe just went home.  I am going to wash today by hand.  Heinie is working for Sam now.  He still has Joe Luderiessey (?) and his brother Francis just started too.  Plenty of work.  Joe may have to go to Army, though.  Sure lots of them leaving around here.  Harold Finch has to go, too…not many men left around here.  Verle M. works on farm and guess he would rather be in the Army.  No one thinks much of him around here.  They never got married, either.

Honey, I sure hope you’re on this side yet.  I still have hopes of you getting  a furlough.  Very few around here getting them, though.  It will certainly be a happy day when this war is over and you will come back to me.  I don’t think it will be very long either, I hope.  I wonder where you will be when you read this.

Honey, I sure have some swell neighbors that live in Fred’s house, where our tavern used to be.  They are just swell to me.

Well, my baby, mommy will close now and write in a day or so.  Honey if I thought you were getting my mail regular I’d write every day but as it is write weekly lines.

All My Love,

Your Babe


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