June 13, 1943: “Millville seems like a million miles from you”

My darling,

Yesterday I got the first letter you wrote but got the 2nd one you wrote first.  So now I’m more satisfied to know just what country you are in.  Honey, I sure think of you a lot, but know that I hear again I feel so much better.  Pat and I wrote you 2 V mail letters and I’m afraid you won’t get them cuz the address was a lil blurred on yours and we put 61st Regt. Depot instead of 1st.  Hope you start hearing from me soon.  Darling, you’re really getting to see a lot and won’t you have a lot to tell me when you get home.  I suppose lil old Millville seems like a million miles from you…it does to me.  Pat says there is 10 hrs. difference in time.

It’s terribly hot here today.  I’ll write you a regular letter and enclose a picture of me and Mrs. Debner at time of their fire–Toots sent it to me.  I feel so sorry for them, but they were fortunate.

Honey, write me real often for your letters mean so much to me.  I haven’t received any regular letter from you yet, but only takes 10-13 days for V letters to get here.  Baby, I haven’t been going anyplace or doing anything so don’t worry about it.  I love you too much for that.  Ching is sleeping.

All my love ,

Your wife, Babe


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