June 17, 1943: “Tonight is one of those nights”

My darling Husband,

Tonight is one of those nights, darling, when everything seems wrong.  Only because, darling, I love you so much and you’re not here.  And when I say I love you words can’t express it, especially when they are written on a sheet of paper.  I’m only hoping everything is alright with you and this terrible war will be ended before long.  I rec’d a card from your mother yesterday.  I haven’t been to see her yet, but intend to within a few weeks.  She heard from you about the same time I did and was overjoyed as I was.

Honey it’s a beautiful night and how I wish my baby was here in lil ole Millville with me.  Ching is mad at me; he wanted to stay with Fanny tonight.  Darling, I hope you receive my mail, O.K. cuz I write lotz.  Be good and love me like I love you.

Your wife


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