June 22, 1943: “He is in N. Africa too”

My Dear Darling,

By now, honey, I hope you have heard from me and know that everything is alright here.  I have received two V mails from you and hope I hear again soon.  Honey, whatever you do write as often as possible cuz your letters mean the world to me.  I guess this weekend Toots and Fran are coming on vacation and I’m supposed to go to their cabin with them for a couple days.  It’s sure hot here and suppose it is there, too.  Pat got his discharge at last so he will probably be leaving soon.  A bunch left last night again.  Maybe you can run into Rody somewhere over there.  He is in N. Africa too.  Honey, all of my next check is going on a bill, but I’m getting them paid up, slow but sure.  Want to pay your mother in a month or so.  I’m going to work in canning factory this fall.  Maybe by then the war will be over.  Well, baby, I’ll close and hope I hear again soon from you.

All my Love,

Your Babe


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