June 24, 1943: “You’re still everything I want”

My Darling,

Honey, it’s 6:30 and I’m up already.  I go to bed early so I get plenty of sleep.  It’s a swell morning here and again I wish you were here.  I haven’t heard anymore from you, but hope to soon.  I got a letter from Margie yesterday, first since I’ve been home outside of cards.  She is home in Oregon and Bill is still in Frt. Knox training recruits.  She may go back down but not so sure.  She went back with him after his furlough but only stayed a week.  I was sure glad to hear from her.  I wrote her and told her where you are as she didn’t know and Bill was wondering.

I’m going to help Edith clean the hall today.  This P.M. they will issue drivers licenses from there.  Well darling, you’re in my thoughts and dreams ever so much and hope, baby, that you have time to think of me too.  You’re still everything I ever want.  I wish I was there with you as long as you can’t be here with me.

All my love,


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