July 3, 1943: “3 days a week on cream day”

My Dearest,

Well, honey, I wonder where you’ll be when you get this.  Wish I could follow the letter.  It’s hell not knowing, but then it happens to a lot of wives so that’s that.

I’m working for Edith in store 3 days a week on cream day and Mom is giving me a $1 a day to get the meals and do housework.  Just started both places this morning.  I certainly intend to clean it up a lil (The store!  Ha!  Ha!).

Sam and Babe are planning on moving to G. berg and if they do Sam will have an office and has asked me to take the job for $15 a week.  Guess I will if they move over.  Sonny Kann is leaving for Cincinnati, Ohio so Sam would take his work too.  He sure has a lot of work.

Baby honey it’s a dreary day here again.  Sure have a lot of rain.  Honey, I hope wherever you are you are being good and think of me a lot for I sure do you.  Hope you get my mail alright.

I got my check today and am paying Sam the $28.00 we got from him to pay off note.  Every month I’m paying $25 and eventually I’ll have everything paid so when you come back we’ll be able to start with a clean slate.

Well sweetheart, I miss you more every day and it’s been a terrible lonely five months since you went away.  News has been pretty cheerful, though.

Goodbye baby and I’ll write again in a day or so.

All My Love

Your Wife, Babe XXXXX



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