July 8, 1943: “I think A.W.O.L.”

My Dearest,

The bus is just pulling out–I don’t know who got off, but anyway it’s 9:20 A.M. and I’m going to wash out a few pieces.  I may go to Dubuque this P.M. and see about a job.  I wish I knew how you felt about it, tho.  But I want to get out of debt and have a few dollars saved for when you come home.  I can make more in Dubuque then I can in W’loo, and Pat is working there too.  His wife is going to work at Dubuque Pack.  The Savannah Ordnance Plant (ammunition plant) is closing down so maybe the war will be over before long.  I do like it here in M’ville, tho.

No, I never hear from Marvina, but hear from Maris quite often.  Toots and Carl and Ina and Delbert got your letters; also Babe and Sam.  I guess they all have answered already.  I know Ina has, and Toots.  Edith sent you a letter last week too.  Did you get my letter where I said I heard from Margie?   Honey, I sure hope you have rec’d all my letters and it should be an awfully big stack.

Sam didn’t go to work this morning.  Babe and him were over to G’berg last night.  The girl next door slept with me last night.  Her brother is home on leave.  I think A.W.O.L. and they don’t have enough room.  Freds are still having poker games and sell beer on Sundays.  I sure rub it in.  So does Babe.

Ching is sure a lot better.  Honey, I’m so glad everything is O.K. with you and I plan on your coming home before very long.  Honey, I don’t know Laverle’s address.  Ina wants to send you the G’berg press so you are supposed to write her and request it.

Baby, do you ever get to go anyplace?  I sure stay home a lot and really like it.  Everyone remarks how nice the cabin looks.  The vines are sure growing on the house, flowers in bloom, etc.  Charley Pudebaugh told me to ask you if you see many native girls.  Let me know.  Well, darling, I must close.

All my Love,


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