July 16, 1943: “going on a boat ride, and it wasn’t a fishing trip either”

8:30 A.M.

My Sweetheart,

It’s a rainy morning in lil ole Millville, and you know Millville on a rainy day…but then I guess the farmers need it.  I was in Dubuque yesterday with Eileen.  Pat is still working at Dubuque Pack, awaiting his call.  They sure want me to come down and work but, honey, I think I’ll wait and work in canning factory.  I hate to leave this cabin and furniture.  After all, it’s our home and that’s where I want to be.

Darling, I’m praying for you every night and hope you are safe, but I know my baby can take care of himself.

I got a nice letter from your mom Wednesday and wrote her a letter, too.  I’m going to see her in Sept.  She is working now, and besides I work for Edith in store and that keeps my expenses up as this last month I put $40 of check on a bill.  But I get along swell anyway and am anxious to get them all paid.  I want to start saving so we can buy a car when you come home, which I hope is soon, and very soon.  Rody wrote a letter home and said he was going on a boat ride, and it wasn’t a fishing trip either.  He is in N. Africa too.  Imagine he is in on invasion.  Sam doesn’t know Christy’s exact location; all he has is his San Francisco address.  Lotz and lotz of boys from here are in N. Africa.  Sure wish you could see some of them.

Mom is going to Dubuque today and stay all night with Pat and Eileen.

Darling, I want you to know I feel the same way you do, and even tho I am free to go and come as I want to, please believe me when I say I really don’t.  Honey, it’s you I want and until I can have you no one else can enter my mind.  I’d sure be a cad to do anything like that knowing what you have to go through over there.

Honey, I’ll close now as I have to go to store and work.

All my Love,

Your wife, Babe

Kisses and lotz of them

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