July 11, 1943: “return to the good old U.S.A.”

Dear Darling,

It’s Sunday night here and I have been listening to news on radio all day.  It was yesterday that the big invasion took place and I certainly have been worrying about you.  I only hope you were not in on it but can’t help but think you were.  You are so close to there.  It sounds good over here, but that doesn’t mean I’m not worried.  I haven’t given it much thought until this invasion and hope I hear from you real soon that everything is safe with you.  I got your letter you wrote on boat.  I certainly enjoyed it.  Honey, it came yesterday.  I have rec’d two letters a week from you for the past month.  They sure give me a lot of courage, and darling I sure hope by now you have heard from me.  You certainly should have for I write almost every day.  Right now I’m listening to a commentator from Algeria. Makes me feel closer to you.  It sounds good and hope it is that way over there.  He says there were very few casualties.  God, I hope he is right.  Tonight and every night I’ll pray, my dear, that you are safe and well.  I love you so much and am just living for the day when you are returned to me.

Betty and Harry Smeltzer are here tonight.  Betty’s sister from Chicago (you remember) is here too.  They are down to Mom’s now.  Getting the letter yesterday put me in the light a lot.  I sure enjoyed it and it was so long, too.  Well my baby, do be careful wherever you are or whatever you do.  You have a lot of people back here thinking of you all the time and me, your wife, who loves you more than anything in this world, and we are all waiting for your return to the good old U.S.A. and home.

All my Love,

Your Wife, Babe

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