July 7, 1943: “All of the 43 were married”

My Darling,

It’s Wednesday morning and I’m going to work in store again.  I don’t mind it at all, but it sure gets dirty.  Honey, I’ve been thinking of going to work in Dubuque.  Pat and Eileen are there and they sure want me to come down.  I can go to work anytime in Dubuque Packing Co.  Pat got his selective service notice so he will be going by about Sept. 1st.  There were 42 left from Elkader the 5th.  I went up with Ral Lotta and his wife, and her and I took their car and went up to her folks and stayed all night in Claremont on farm.  We came back yesterday.  Ral got back late last night.  He didn’t pass.  Moxy Rademacker and Merle Rolfe were selected for Navy.  They are taking them for Navy now in the draft.  All of the 43 were married.

Later– Honey, another letter this morning.  I sure am glad your mail is coming through so good.  I got a Air Mail today.  It made me so happy when you talked of the war being over by Xmas.  We all hope and pray back here that it won’t be long.  Fred said when you get home will kill the fatted calf.

I’m going to mow the lawn this P.M.  I mow on the hillside by toilet; guess it’s never been mowed B/4 I moved here.  Babe and Sam went to Dubuque this P.M.  Honey, I sure think of you a lot and what you are seeing, and I’m sure hoping you’re not in action.  It sure is dead around here but it is the only place I seem to be satisfied.  I may work in Dubuque, though. Darling, be good and I certainly am being.  No one else can take your place or will.  I write real often and hope you get my mail soon, as you said in your letter today you hadn’t rec’d any yet.

Honey, I’ll close and write again in a day–

All my Love Is Yours, Babe


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