July 22, 1943: “You see, Pat’s wife, Eileen, is living with me now”

My Darling,

Honey, it’s been a couple days since I’ve written to you, but I’ll explain.  You see, Pat’s wife, Eileen, is living with me now.  Pat left for New York Monday and is going back in Merchant Marines, so we have been real busy moving her out of apt. in Dubuque.  Mom and I went down and then Sam and Babe came and got their stuff and moved it up here.  She feels pretty bad, but then I do too, so we have a lot in common.  Pat wanted her to stay with me and she wants to too.  We are going to work in canning factory next month.  She sure is cute and I like her a lot.

We went in swimming yesterday to take baths and we sure got a sunburn.  Babe and Jenny Ruth (girl next door) went along.  This P.M. Jenny, Eileen and I are going on a picnic down at the same place we took your folks that time.

Honey, I hope everything is alright with you.  All I can do back here in the States is pray to God that you are safe and not suffering.  I’ll admit at times I have some terrible thoughts but my baby can take a lot and I know there aren’t many soldiers your age that went across so soon–it’s because you can take it, my sweet.  I love you so very much.

I haven’t heard from you since the 12th, but you wrote me saying I wouldn’t hear for some time.  The news sounds good yet, but honey I want you to write me just as soon as you have a minute to spare and will I be happy to hear again.  Well, my darling, I’ll write you again tonight after we come home from picnic.  Eileen is writing to Pat.  I must write to your mom.  I got a nice long letter from her and wrote her one last week.  I’m going to see her in Sept.

Well sweetheart, take good care of yourself and I think the war will be over soon so you can come home again.

I love you

Always, Babe


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