July 23, 1943: “I’m not near as lonesome”

My Dearest,

I wish I knew which, of V.mail or air mail, you receive sooner, but I’ll write both ways until I know.

Honey, we went on a picnic yesterday and fished…not even a bite, but we sure ate.  Cooked our supper down at big springs.  I sure am sunburned, and it hurts too.

Honey, I sure dream of you a lot.  I wake up and no you.  We’ve been sleeping down to Mom’s the last two nights waiting for a call from Pat, but he hasn’t called yet.  He is in New York waiting to be assigned to a ship and maybe he will run into you somewhere.  Wouldn’t that be nice, only I wish it were me.

I’m not near as lonesome now with Eileen here, and she likes it as well here, but of course we’d both be much happier with our poppies here.  Well my baby, I’ll close and write again tomorrow.

All my Love,

Your wife, Babe

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