July 24, 1943: “You Johnny Doughboys are really raising cane”

My Baby,

Well, how’s my honey today?  From all reports you Johnny Doughboys are really raising cane over there.  Radio says our enemies are sure evacuating and that you are doing a wonderful job.  Hope it’s all over with soon.

I heard yesterday also that all the boys that didn’t get a furlough B/4 going across are going to get them B/4 long.  Would that ever be wonderful.  Hope it’s the truth, anyway I’m figuring on it.

It’s raining here this morning and Eileen and I wanted to wash.  Her folks may come over to see us tomorrow.  Pat wrote and said he is leaving New York today on a boat.  He is in the M. Marines as an A.B. (Able seaman) this time.

Yesterday Eileen and I really gave the store a cleaning.  It really looks nice, too.  Elsie was here yesterday.  Her son is in Tunisia, probably Sicily now.

Well, the canning factory is going to start the 17th of August and Fred says they are going to pay 57 cents an hour.  That is not bad.  We are anxious for it to start, too.  Bruchners Tavern and Harbaughs got raided the other night and fined $200 a piece.

Honey, I think about you all the time and hope that you’re not too busy to do the same for me.  Oh honey, won’t it be wonderful t be together again and won’t we be lovers.  We’ll get along better than ever before cuz your mommy sure does love you.

Chingy says hello–I wonder if he will know you when you come home.

I certainly hope you get mail regular wherever you are.  Well, my sweet, I think I’ll close and go down to mom’s.  Eileen is writing to Pat now.  She says she is going to write to you even if she never has seen you.  She is sending your address to Pat too.  Everyone says hello–and me, I say I love you.

Your wife,


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