July 26, 1943: “Old Mussolini sure took a run”

My Dearest Darling,

How’s my sweetheart today?  We are all O.K. here.  It’s Monday and going to be plenty hot here.  Honey, the war news sure sounds good over here.  Old Mussolini sure took a run out yonder (1).  Huh?  I knew when my baby got in there things would begin to happen.

Yesterday Eileen’s folks were here, but she stayed here.  Guess she rather likes Millville.  Sat. night we stayed home and ate hot tomatoes and read and honey, you don’t have to worry about us going places, cuz we neither one are going to.  She loves Pat like I love you.  I have a feeling that I’ll be seein you before very long.  Won’t it be wonderful.  Honey, I’m just living for that day and know you are too.  Will all be so happy.

Honey, I’m going to write in about your bond you got over here.  I’ve never received it and think maybe it got lost.

I’ll close now and hope I hear from you real soon.  Will write tomorrow.

All My Love, your Babe

(1): On July 25, 1943, fascist dictator Benito Mussolini fell from power when he was voted out of power by his Council and was arrested after leaving a meeting with the King of Italy, Vittorio (Victor) Emmanuel III, in which the King told him that the war was lost.  Victor Emmanuel abdicated in 1946.


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