July 29, 1943: “Eileen’s dad gave us one”

My Dear Husband,

This week I’ve received five letters from you.  3 Monday and 2 yesterday.  Baby, I was so glad to hear again.  The last one was written July the 7th and others were from June 19th on.  Honey, I’ve hoped you would get all my mail, but by now you probably have a lot more.

We had another bad storm here last night.  We need the rain, though, but it sure did blow and it is plenty cold here this morning.  I canned 12 qts. of dill pickles yesterday and am going to do a lot more so when you come home we will have it.  The news sure sounds good and a man yesterday on radio said it would be over by Xmas–you wrote that too.

Mom, Eileen and I signed up to work in canning factory yesterday, so in two weeks we will be working I hope.  Pat is going to school in N. York for a month.  He is on Hoffman Island (1) close to N. York.  Guess he is plenty homesick too.

Honey, I certainly enjoy your letters and read them over again and again.  I’m keeping our promise, baby, and want you to rest assured that I’ll never do anything you don’t want me to do.  Anyway, honey, it never enters my mind cuz all I want is your sweet loving and will wait until I can have it.  You’re all that means anything to me and I know you feel the same way about me.

Last night we put a mailbox up.  Had been getting the mail at Fred’s, but Eileen’s dad gave us one so we’re anxious for the mailman to stop here.

I can’t even have coffee this morning…no electricity from the storm.  You see, I use a 2 plate electric stove.  Didn’t have the gas stove changed over for we may not live here long after you come home.  Whatever my baby wants to do.

I wrote your mother and am awaiting an answer.  As soon as factory shuts down I am going to see her.  Our ins. runs out today so I’ll have to have it renewed right away.

No news around here, honey.  Chingy is snoring but says Hello.

Darling, remember I’ll always love you and be true to you and want you to do the same, and from your letters I know you will cuz you’re my husband and I’m your wife,


  1. Hoffman Island is one of two artificial islands in Lower New York Bay.  In the early 1900s, the islands were used as a quarantine station, housing immigrants found to have been carrying contagious diseases when they landed at Ellis Island.  (wikipedia.org)

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