July 30, 1943: “Wonder what he done”

My Darling,

I don’t have any air mail stationery so guess I’ll have to write v.mail.  I can’t get as much on this, though.

I wonder what my boy is doing this morning.  It’s just like fall here this morning.  We slept with a blanket and comforter over us all night.  Makes me homesick for you and Waterloo. I went to town yesterday and had our furniture insured for a $1000.  Also went to ration board for an oil burner–hope I can get one.  Will need one here cuz a heater is too dirty.

Lots of people around here ask about you and surprised to hear you were sent over so soon.  Says you must be a good soldier.  Donald Hyde is back to Private again.  Wonder what he done.

Honey I think about you all the time and plan a lot on what we will do when you come back home again.  Won’t it be wonderful–

I love you and miss you terribly,

All my Love, Babe

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