July 31, 1943: “here to sip a cup with me”

My Darling Husband,

It’s Saturday morning and it looks like rain.  I’m just brewing some coffee.  Am wishing you were here to sip a cup with me–but as long as you’re not, I’ll write to you, my dear.  I got a nice long letter from Toots yesterday.  She sent me some pictures we took while I was there.  I’ll wait until I hear from you again and send you one of them, for you may have a new address.  They want me to come out again, but I’ll wait until canning factory is over and then I’m going to your mother’s and to Waterloo.  By the time you get this I’ll probably be working, at least I should be.  I’m very anxious to get started.  With my check this month (Aug) I’m going to pay Bennetts and Selgers some money.  Tell me, if you send some money, if I should put it in bank or pay off bills.  It would pay them all off- as I have been paying every month and don’t have a lot left, but would also like to save it for you.  Harold, Phil’s husband, had his examination at Des Moines the 29th.  Don’t know if he passed or not.  I may go out and stay with Toots this winter and work.  I believe I’d like to do that and save money for when you come home.

Eileen is going home today and coming back Sunday night.  She is a lot of company for me. Toots said she wrote you a couple letters recently–did you get them?  Also Edith’s and Ina’s?

Yesterday I painted Chingy’s dog house and put a new roof on it.  Honey, we really have this place looking nice.  Everyone remarks of it.  Have a vine on the house and it really looks nice.  The neighbors let us use their lawn mower and it’s a job on the hillside.  The only thing I don’t like about it here is that you’re not here, but poppy, you will be soon and then I just want to relax for a long time right here with you.  So I want to save all I can so we can just be together for a long time, and no work to do.  You’ll need the rest anyway.

Well Darling, I’ll close and get the work done–

All my Love,

Your wife, Babe XXXXX XXXXXX

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