August 5, 1943: Kiss Me

My Dearest,

It’s just another day but cold this morning.  Naomi is just walking by to open store.  I write your letters in the morning becuz I can think of more to write then.  But seldom anything ever happens around here.

Eileen and I are going to wash this morning by hand.  We could use Babe’s washer but would rather wash here.

Verle Minges is not working on farm anymore–don’t know what he is going to do–Edith is mad at him.  Guess he don’t want to work.

Ruth is not a bit well.  She has been doctoring in Dubuque.  John sure is hateful to her.  I guess Gerald is having trouble too.

The men are playing poker here in the hall.  If they get too loud at any time I’ll turn em in. They were so particular (?) and loud where we had a place.

Edith said that she knew a lot of soldiers but the only one she wants to sit down and listen to when you all get back, and can believe what is said, is you.  So honey that is pretty nice.  I know you are that way.

Honey, write and tell me what you want for Xmas.  How about a watch this year?  Let me know cuz I want to buy it early and send it so you’ll be sure and get it.  Dorothy sent Rody one and it took about three months.

Do you still see the fellow from Bellevue?  I sure wish you could see Rody–Sam never hears from Christy anymore and hasn’t heard from his sister in over a year.  Don’t know if she is dead or alive.

We have two stars in our window, one silver and one blue, the silver one is for you darling, across–

Honey, I’m patiently waiting for more letters, but will probably be a while yet–I hope you get all of mine.  I started numbering them and then forgot to.

I’ll always love you and be waiting, honey, for you to come back home to me, and hope it won’t be too long–

All my love,

Your wife, Babe


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