August 7, 1943: $3.29 this month

My Darling,

It’s Saturday and another week gone.  They can’t go fast enuf for me until you come home, and I don’t think it will be long.  I dreamt about you last nite.  Sure some dream.

I got a letter from your mother yesterday.  She asked me if you had wrote and told me about the baby porcupine you picked up–Did you really?  I just got through making out four money orders–I got my check yesterday and have $18 left after sending M.O.s, but I want to get them paid up.  I sent to Seltzers, Bennetts, Light bill, and ins.  The light bill has been quite a bit, U.C. I cook on that electric plate and it really takes the juice.  $3.29 this month.

Eileen and mom both wrote to you yesterday so you’ll probably hear at the same time.

I got a permit to get an oil burner yesterday in town and Bill Ferring (?) in Dyersville has one to sell, just a lil larger than the one we had, so Mom and I may go and get it today.

Well honey, there sure isn’t any exciting news around here.  Nothing ever happens.  I got a long letter from Phyllis yesterday.  She wants me to come and live with her now that Harold is leaving.  Says I am the only one she would want.  Nice, eh–but guess I’ll stay here.  I’m much more satisfied.  Well darling, I’ll close and hope I here from you real soon again, and remember I love you lots and am being very very true to you and want you to be too.  I know you don’t have a lot of time to get around, or do you?  No, you don’t.

All My Love, Babe XXXXXX XXXX

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