August 3, 1943: “Is he ever big.”

My Dear Darling,

Honey, I got two letters from you yesterday and they both were mailed the 21st and 22nd of July.  You’ll never know how glad I was to hear.  I really had been worrying about you, but now I’m sure you’re O.K. cuz the war where you are is over, at least that’s what the radio says–wish I knew where you’ll be from there, probably Italy.

Honey, yesterday Laverle was here–he has a 15 day furlough.  Is he ever big.  You should hear him talk–he thinks he’s quite the big shot.  He asked me all about you and wanted to know if you got his letter.

We are having lotz and lotz of rain here and think there will be high water if it doesn’t stop raining soon.  Of course, I am high and dry here tho.  Eileen came back yesterday and says she sure got lonesome for Millville over the weekend.  Pat got his hand broke lowering a life boat.  He is in hospital.

Toots and Carl were here Sunday–they wanted me to go back with them but I didn’t.  Harold Kane passed and Phyllis wanted to rent Toots’ apartment but there is someone in it.

Honey, there must be a lot of my mail you haven’t received becuz I write every day and then sometimes every other day.  So you’ll probably get them.  I believe I get all of your mail.

Honey, I seemed to know you were in Sicily and I was right.  I sure hope it gets over as soon as it did there.  (Ching says Hello)–Ching wrote this but did he ever growl.  Well honey, it’s about time for the mailman so will mail this.

I’m going to sew today and get my clothes ready for canning factory.  Baby be good and true cuz I want you to know I am and I know you believe me–I love you too much to do anything wrong–Goodbye for now.

All my Love, Your Babe

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