August 9, 1943: “in on the battle of Troina?”

My Dear Husband,

I got 2 more letters from you Saturday making 4 last week.  Your mail comes thru fast–these two were mailed or written the 24th and 27th and I got them the 7th.  It is just ordinary mail, so you see it doesn’t make much difference, but I’m sending 7 stamps.  I bought them last week in Guttenberg, so it is all I had or would send more.

Toots and Carl were here yesterday and she showed me the letter from you.  Fred’s got one, also Mom the same day I got mine, but Lizzie will probably get theirs today.  Yesterday Audrey had a family gathering for Donald.  Laverle was there too.  Fred, Edith, Babe, Sam and I were the only ones not there.  Edith went fishing, I worked in store and Sam worked in shop–the floor gave away in the shop, so he really had a job putting a new one in.

Honey, I’m always so thrilled to get your letters–then I know everything is alright  with you.  I’m wondering if you were in on the battle of Troina (1).  The paper says it was a savage affair.  I look at the map of Sicily and wonder just where you are.  Honey, while you are over there and your bridge is worn out–I wish you would have all your teeth pulled and get false ones, I’ll bet you would gain weight right away.  And anyway, you wouldn’t have to care how it looks over there cuz you did here–why don’t you?

I’m starting on a diet today.  Really I’m gaining weight again and I want to be thinner when you come home.  Are you buying me any souvenirs?  I hope so cuz I’ll treasure them all my life.

Next week the canning factory starts and am I anxious.  I’ve decided when you send money home I’m going to save it for you.  I’ll pay our bills off with my allotment.

Gosh, I hope by now you have received more mail for there should be a lot somewhere.  I’d say in the neighborhood of 30 or more from me–and Edith, Mom, Toots; and Ina and Eileen have written I know.

It rained a lot last night again–electric storm and I was alone.  Eileen went home over weekend.  She may bring her little sister back.

I haven’t heard any more from Margie.  Suppose she is back in Kentucky, but I know her home address.  So if you do write a few lines I can send it there.  I’ll get Rody’s address and send it when I see Dorothy.  Honey, their baby is sure sweet–he walks now and is fat.  I’m trying my darndest to get some film so I can send some pictures, but they just aren’t to be had.

Coffee is not rationed anymore–things are opening up a lot.  I’m going to Dyersville this P.M. with Berdina (?) and Midge to see about oil burner.

I suppose your mother wrote and told you that Dales expect an increase in family.  I’m getting anxious to visit your mother.  She expects me the middle of Sept.–but I don’t think canning factory will be ended then.  I’ll write her a letter this morning.  I want to pay her back with my money I earn in c. factory.  Should make over a hundred dollars.

Well honey, I’ll still be waiting for more letters.  We don’t give the mailman a chance to put mail in box.  We’re always right out there.  He kids me lotz about not getting any letters and then will bring out a couple, hand them to me.  He really likes to give them to me.  He has a big smile when he has any for me–and do I ever.

Well darling, I’ll close now and write to your mom.

Baby, always remember I love you and will always be waiting for you back here in lil ole Iowa–and I don’t think it will be long.

All my Love, Your wife, “Babe”


(1) Battle of Troina: a battle that happened between 31 July and 6 August 1943. It was part of the Allied invasion of Sicily during World War II. Forces of the United States II Corps, part of the U.S. Seventh Army, had violent battles around the town of Troina. (Wikipedia)

Photo of Troina from  Wikipedia


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