August 10, 1943: Banty eggs & Eileen’s sister

My Darling Husband,

I got two more letters from you yesterday, one was written June 29th and the other July 27, and got them both the same day.  It seems so good to hear from you every week.  Last week I got 4 letters from you.  I wrote your mother a card this morning and told her I’d come as soon as the canning factory is over.

Yes, honey, I sure wish you were here for some fried chicken.  I’ve been having quite a few lately.  Mom’s and Babe’s aren’t big enuf yet, but we buy them from Henry Friedlien.  Last nite I set a hen on some banty eggs–so I’ll have some more pets in three weeks.  The people next door have the banty (1) chicken and they are sure cute, so they gave me some eggs to set and I took one of mom’s settin hens and put her in Ching’s dog house.

Babe and I are going over to Dorothy’s today.  She is moving to G’berg so we are going to help her straighten up.  Eileen brought her sister back with her, so I have company.  She is 10 years old and cute.  We all slept on studio couch last nite and it was pretty crowded.

Verle M. bought his ole truck again so he is hauling butter, etc.  He was worked too hard on farm.  I guess he was better off in Army.  Edith and him haven’t been getting along very good lately.

I didn’t go to Dyersville yesterday.  Midge didn’t go–so maybe I’ll go to Dubuque and look for oil burner.

Ching can jump on chair again now and go down steps but not up–anyway, he is improving.

Honey, I’ll close and as I said B/4 and I’ll say again and again, I love you very much and will always be waiting for you and hope it won’t be long–

All My Love,



(1)Bantam eggs are only about one-half to one-third the size of a regular hen egg, and bantam chickens one-fourth the size of a regular chicken.  Their miniature size makes them good for smaller spaces.

Image link: chicken 


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