August 12, 1943: Moxy Rodemacker’s place & the Button Factory

My Darling,

It rained here again last nite, sure have lotz of it.  It’s real cool this morning, just like fall–maybe we’ll have another early winter.  I sure hope not tho.

Babe and I went to G’berg Tuesday and I helped Dorothy P. finish her papering.  I guess I told you she is moving to G’berg and work in button factory.  I had in mind to do the same thing.  So the apt. where Moxy Rodemacker lived is empty.  It’s right across from button factory.  Has bath and oil burner and is furnished.  It rents for $12 a month.  I haven’t completely made up my mind but I think it would be nice for the winter.  What do you think?  Eileen would live with me and share expenses–otherwise I have to buy a new oil burner–but I’ll see.

Mom just went to town to paper.  I may go to Dubuque with Dorothy and she is going to buy a spring and mattress.  I have to buy a pair of shoes to work in canning factory.  It starts around the 20th.

Honey, I’m sending Rody’s address so maybe you will know more about it.  He landed in Sicily on the 10th of July at the southern base.  Hope you can locate him.

Eileen and her sister have been fishing a lot and no luck.

Honey, I hope I hear again this week from you.   I should hear from your mother too.  Donald Hyde has gone back to Army.  He sure is fat.  He went to see his wife.  Laverne is still home.  Gosh is he fat.

Honey, just got word from Edith that we can ride to Dubuque with a man from saw mill, so will close.

With All My Love,

Your Wife, Babe

Image and additional information about the button industry in Iowa:

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