August 27, 1943: Move to the river front & back to canning

(There are no letters between August 12 and August 27, so they must have gone missing.  The August 27 letter says nothing about a lapse, which Babe would have mentioned.)

My Dear Husband,

Just 8 months ago yesterday honey you left and it seems like 8 years–wonder how much longer it will be–

I got 2 V mail and one air mail from you this morning.  The latest was written the 14th.  I haven’t as yet received the $80.00.

Honey, to me you’re a darling and the best husband on earth.  Most of the wives around here have to send their husbands money–and you send it to me.  I’m really proud of you, baby, and I’ll take care of the money wisely.  Are you sure you have enuf?  Was really surprised to hear it was so much.  Honey, I have to buy the oil burner here so will pay $25 for it.  Dr. Pohle (landlord) was going to rent it to me but wants to sell it now.  He paid $65 for it.  It’s a nice one too.

The canning factory started Tuesday–and we sure have been having a lot of break downs–u.c. it is in a different building now and the equipment doesn’t work well.  We have worked every night.  Today we went up at 10 and they told us to come back at 12:30, so Mom and Mabel are here laying down.  Eileen took Pat to Dubuque.  He is leaving today.  She may not get on at canning factory cuz there is a lot of help.  I am running a husker.  I like it fine.  Have made $10 so far and we get .40 an hour–not so good but alright cuz our expenses aren’t so high here.  Baby, I’m sure tired.  We worked until 2 this morning and would have worked longer but broke down.

Ral Lattas’ wife is working running a husker too.  Mr. Keely asked me about you and said it was a marvel the way you stepped in and took that job on tiller.  He sure raves about it.  He told it in front of a lot of women.  Sure made me feel good cuz you’re my poppy–

Three barns burned down the other night–electric storm caused it.  We sure have a lot of storms here–but guess they are nothing compared to what you see over there.

Honey, Pat sure is crazy about our apt.  Everyone likes it real well–so do I.  I like it so well because it’s on river front–it is only a block from Finch’s.

I got a card from your mother yesterday.  She is expecting me the 1st of October so I’ll buy a new dress or suit and go then.  The factory should be over by then.  I should make over $100 by then and will have all our bills paid off.  It sure will seem wonderful to be out of debt.  I wanted to buy a new living room rug–but am going to wait until spring.  I want to save some money.

Well my darling, I’ll close now as it is time for us to go to work.  Hope you get the package O.K. and I’ll send another next week.  U.C. you have to send a request for something B/4 I can send you anything and then the post-master reads the request and stamps the letter–lotz of monkey business.

Honey, I love you lots and am sure glad I’m keeping a home going for us instead of storing our things.  Well I’ll write again in a day or so–

All My Love,

Your Wife Babe

P.S. Kelly Myers and his girl got married yesterday.


Additional resource about canning factory and process:


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