August 30, 1943: “Day and nite canning”

My Dear Darling,

Honey, I haven’t written for a few days.  We have spent day and night in canning f.  Have been having breakdowns all the time and just sit there.  We worked yesterday (Sunday) too–we go to work in the morning and get home around 12 at nite.  One nite we worked until 4:30 a.m. and back again at 10.  Of course, we are all tired out and don’t even get our housework done.  Mom quit, and Eileen has been taking her place running a husker.  Mabel quit too, also Edith Latta and lotz of others.  Eileen and I and Dorothy all run huskers and like the money or we would quit too.  We go at 10 this A.M.  Tomorrow is pay day and I should have around $20 coming.  Lotz of corn spoils becuz of the breakdowns.  We are caught up now tho and won’t have to work such long hrs.

Honey, I got 6 letters from you last week.  It sure is swell to get a lot of mail from you–

Chingy is at mom’s.  She took him out last nite.  He is sick, has blood and matter coming from his bowels–I am sure worried about him too.  Mom thinks he had a boil and it broke.  He sure has had his tough breaks.  Poor thing.

As of yet I haven’t rec’d money and honey I think I should write in about your bond from Ft. Knox.  Never heard a thing.  Where should I write?  After all you earned it and we should have it.

I’ve lost 5 lbs since at canning f. but I’m glad of it.  How about you, do you gain any?  Just as soon as this is over I am going to your mom’s and stay a week–we’ll be clear with the world soon and then I’ll be happy and know you will too.

Hope, honey, you get the pkg and I’ll send another carton as soon as we get a breathing spell up there.

I love you and miss you more every day–

All My Love, Your Babe

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