August 31, 1943: “Guess it is swell stuff”

My Darling,

Honey it’s the last day of August and won’t be long until fall and then–winter.  I was dreading the winter in Millville but won’t mind it near so much over here.  You see, those long old winter nites won’t be so bad over here as we are going to work in Button Factory nites.  Today we have off–they are putting a new conveyor in and hope to have it finished tomorrow.   So we really are resting up.  All the corn is being sent to Cassville until we start again.  Sure have an awful time up there.  One nite they had the marshal down.  Hope we get our money.  Today is pay day but the checks aren’t made out yet.  But we will get it O.K. as the gov’t is backing it.

Babe and Sam still haven’t found a place to live yet.  They bought $900 worth of furniture and no place to put it.  Guess it is swell stuff.

Ching is better.  He has a sore on his lil butt and sure is cranky about it.  I just cooked some liver for him.  Mom took our washing home and done it.  We sure were glad of it.  Didn’t have time for anything.  She even done a big stack of dishes for us.  Today we really cleaned house.

Honey, I still haven’t rec’d money–should I worry or do you think it is O.K.?  Do you have a receipt?  It’s been 4 weeks already.  Gosh, I sure hope nothing happened to it.  Maybe you should investigate.

Maybe you’ll get to see Pat over there.  He is on his way and thinks it is Sicily.  Did you get the letter I mailed with Christy’s address and letter?

Baby I’ll write again tomorrow and I’m so glad you’re getting all my letters.  Hope I can write real often while at factory.

I love you and miss you–                                                               Kiss here

Your wife, Babe

P.S. Did you get your bridge fixed?

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