August 16, 1945 (in Sept 6 envelope)

A missing letter surfaces!

My Darling Husband,

You will probably be very surprised to hear that I am now living in G’berg.  I wrote you a letter telling you I planned on it, maybe you haven’t rec’d it yet.  We moved Saturday.  Verle Minger moved me and Sammy’s men done the loading.  Nothing got damaged at all.  Sure was glad.  We are pretty well straightened up.  Worked all day yesterday.  The canning factory starts this week so want to get all straightened around.  As soon as the c. factory is over we are going to work in button factory nights.  I didn’t want to lay around in Millville all winter and no work there so don’t you think it was O.K. to move here?

Dorothy Rodenberg moved yesterday and she starts in button factory Wednesday nite.  She is leaving her baby with Rody’s folks for a while.  She stayed all nite with us here last nite.  Eileen’s folks came over last nite and brought up some groceries, vegetables, etc.

Babe and Sam were over yesterday looking for a place to live and if they do move I’m going to work in Sam’s office.  He will pay me $18 a week.  Hope they move.  They sure want to get out of Millville.  Mom was over yesterday too.  Brought in some stuff too.

Well honey, we have two rooms, screened porch and bath.  It is right across from button factory.  It is on River Street.  It is where Bill Kann and wife lived, also Moxie Rademacker–since he is gone to Army his wife moved in with her mother.  The rent is $12 a month.  It is real nice.  Has venetian blinds too.  Sink in kitchen and I rent the oil burner for .50 cents a month.  Cheap I think.  Anyway, we are close to work and it’s going to be a cold old winter.  It’s chilly this morning here.  Ching is homesick for Millville.  He sure wanders around looking for something.  Don’t know what.

Honey Baby, how are you?  I didn’t hear the last of the week as I usually do, but hope to this week.  We have to go up and rent a box at P.O. this morning.  I wish it were you living here with me instead of anybody else, but it won’t be long and then we will probably go somewhere else, but we’ll live here a while or longer so you can get a good rest–I sure hope and pray everything is alright over there.  I do worry about you a lot and love you very much.

Wiels never got your letter you sent them but probably will later.  Pat called home the other nite.  Guess he will get a furlough B/4 going across.  Again, I wish it were you.  Pat has had enuf vacation, but you my dear have not.  Honey, I guess I’ll have to close now and go to P.O.   Have to get busy around here and wash windows, etc.

So honey, be very careful and I hope and hope this damn war will soon be over so you can come home to  me.

All My Love,

Your Wife, Babe


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