Sept 5, 1945: “The money is nice, but so are you.”

Guttenberg, Iowa

My Dearest,

It’s Sunday morning and just another day of work to Eileen and I.  We sure have been going strong.  Day and nite work.  We worked until 12 last night and have been all week.  Generally go to work at 8 but this morning we go at 10.

Honey, I haven’t written much this week for I just didn’t have time and when we get home we are really tired out.  But it won’t last forever–and we really don’t mind it–after all, if you can do it over there we should be able to do it over here.  My check last week was $20 and this week it should be more, but one day we didn’t work.  Tomorrow (Labor Day) we work too.

There was an accident at our plant.  Fred Schrunk backed over Lou Dryer with his truck.  He is still living but not much hopes.  Everyone says Fred didn’t have any brakes–too bad at any rate.

Ina was over last Wednesday–she ordered the press for you, and so I get it too for nothing.  She read the letter you wrote her–got a card from Toots too–Don is going to school in Colesburg.

Babe and Sam sent you a carton of cigs so I’ll wait awhile.  Hope you got the pkg we sent you.

Honey, I still haven’t rec’d $80.  Everyone says not to worry, but I sure hope it didn’t get lost.  It will be a month the 7th that you sent it.  I should get it any time now tho–Honey, why don’t you rest instead of doing extra guard duty?  And besides, it’s dangerous.  The money is nice, but so are you.  Gee, I love you–I stand and feed husker and baby the thoughts that run through my mind– I sure do a lot of planning and hope they pan out O.K.

The radio states that we are now invading ____(?)–I hope you’re not in on that.  You have done your share for awhile.

Pat is in Norfolk, Virginia.  Hasn’t left yet but will anytime.  Eileen hasn’t rec’d any allotment and won’t for quite awhile, so she has to work and she would rather do that than go home and stay.

Babe and Sam still haven’t found a place to live.  They are so anxious to.

Well, in a month I’ll be going to visit your mother and then I’m going to W’loo for a few days and then come back and work in button shop for the winter.  I want to save as much money and put in bank as I can.

Honey, write.  Tell me what you want for Xmas.  It has to be sent by Oct 15.  It’s a problem to know what to get you so let me know soon.

Honey, I hope it isn’t very d_ _ _ long B/4 you’re home again.  I truthfully miss you more every day.  If I didn’t have that to look forward to, life wouldn’t mean much.  So you hurry back.

Ching is out to Millville; he is fine again and sure crazy about mom.

Well, my baby, I’ll close now and write soon again.  I hear from you real often and sure enjoy your sweet letters.  Hope it continues.

Gotta get ready for work–

All My Love,

Your Wife, Babe


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