Sept 13, 1943: “Gela and Licata are very close together”

My Darling,

Today I got three letters from you–one was written Aug. 31st when you were at Red Cross building.  Hope you get all my mail, as you said you hadn’t in last letter.

Honey, Ching has lost control of his hind legs again.  Sure feel sorry for him.  I took him to Dubuque Saturday.  Dr. said he may never walk again because of weakness from first time. I take real good care of him and he can have anything.

Mom was sick in bed but it is O.K. now again.  Thought she had another blood clot but guess not.

Eileen and Dorothy quit canning f. too, or did I tell you?  Too many hours–Dorothy started in Button Factory today.  Eileen is home this week.  She will start in Button F. Monday.  I want to go and visit your mother soon.  Have to wait for Ching to get a lil better first and then I’ll go.

It’s really cold here.  Put the oil burner up Saturday nite.  Also, Mr. Kuemple came and changed stove to bottled gas (propane).  It’s wonderful to use it again.  He said it was a darn good stove.

Honey, I’m anxious to get what you are sending me.  Whatever it is I’ll prize it highly cuz it came from you.  Wish you were bringing them home instead.  Everyone over here looks for the war to end soon–I suppose you were in Italy too.  Radio said some units of 7th Army were not known where they were.  Guess it had the enemy excited and worried.

Honey, Sam got another letter from Christy and he is Lt. Colonel now.  I looked on map and Gela and Licata are very close together.  He gave all his credit for his promotion to his men.  Hope you have rec’d his address by now.  I sent his other letter too.

Babe and Sam still are living in Millville.  No houses here yet.  He is getting his shop ready, tho, in ole Legion store.  I was over to Millville from Fri. nite until Sat. PM.  Like it here in G’berg so much better.

Sure wish Ching would get O.K.  Hope this damn war ends soon.  I’m getting sick of it–of course I know everyone is.

Harold Finch has had his 1st exam–there are a lot of fathers leaving.  Milton Niemeyer and a lot of others.  I hope you get the press O.K.  It will keep you up with the times and news.  The letter you wrote Babe and Sam sure was wonderful.  You should write the press one.

Well honey, I’ll go and mail this so it goes out on evening train.  I’ve been cleaning house here today and am not through yet.

Darling, I hope you don’t go into action anymore–just get a lot of rest.

I’ll close now.

All My Love,

Your Wife, Babe


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