Sept 8, 1943: “Work from 7AM to midnight every day”

My Darling,

Today is Ching’s birthday and poor fellow is sick in bed.  I took him to Dr. Tiskhauser in Garnavillo last nite; he wormed him but don’t know if that is what is wrong with him or not.  I sure hope he gets better.  He was O.K. for awhile and now is worse again.

I got the $80.00 Monday and also a bond today.  Honey, I think you are the world’s best husband.  I’m putting $50 in the bank.  Have a check coming from canning factory for $20 but haven’t got it yet and was due yesterday.  I didn’t go to work today, and honey, I don’t think I’m going back.  U.C. we have to work from 7 AM until 12 midnight every day–and my back won’t take it.  Eileen is still working but don’t know how long she will.  I guess Gunder thinks we’re a bunch of slaves.

Mom is working in the lunch counter for Mrs. Kell at canning factory.  Someone is quitting every day and I don’t blame them.  He doesn’t even pay time and a half–don’t know how he gets by with it.

So I guess in a week I’ll go to your mother’s for a week and maybe out to Toots for a few days–and then I’ll come back and work in button shop.  I took the $50 allotment and $30 of the $80 and paid off bills.  So, you see, we’re practically out of debt.  I paid Toots $10 for regulator.  She was here Sunday.  Sure liked our place.

It’s real cold here today and am thinking of putting oil burner up.  I guess I told you I bought one from Dr. Pohle for $25.00.  I bought it instead of renting it from him as I told you B/4.

Honey, I’m sure glad you have a bed to sleep in now.  I feel much better about it for I’d feel guilty every time I thought of this nice bed here and me being able to sleep in it and not you.  Honey, I love you more all the time and miss you.  Sure will be one happy day when you come home.  A lot of fathers are up for draft this month.  Pat called Monday nite.  He is in Philadelphia and leaves in 10 days.  I’m getting anxious to go and visit your mom.  She will be at home after the 11th.

The man that Fred ran over is getting along O.K.  He sure feels bad about it.  Guess Mabel has worried that he might do something to himself.

I’m going out to Mom’s and do some canning tomorrow.  It’s a shame the way they let the corn go to waste at canning f.  They order too much and it spoils.  Everyone sure is disgruntled the way Gunter manages things.  The townspeople sure are disgusted with him.

Honey, I lost 10 lbs. at work.  I’m glad of it but, gosh, it’s a hard way to lose it.  I shouldn’t complain after what you have to go through, but someday my baby will be home and can take it easy.  I hope we can live right here cuz honey it’s really swell and only $12 a month. And the bath is what I really like.  Pat said if we didn’t keep it they sure wanted it.

The morning train mail just came in so guess I’ll go down and see if I have any mail from you.  I have been hearing about every day from you–it’s swell to read your dear letters.

Phyllis is moving to Cedar Rapids.  Harold is a cook in Army but had signed up for engrs.  Floyd is manager of the soy bean plant in W’loo.

Well my darling, now that I’m not working I’ll write oftener.

I love you with all my heart,

Your Wife, Babe


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