Sept 16, 1943: “We cleaned 16 chickens”

My Darling,

How’s my baby tonite?  Honey, I hope you’re O.K. and getting a lot of rest.  I wonder, tho, with all the fighting in Italy (if you are there…I certainly hope not).  It must be awful from the news we get back here.

Babe and Sam bought a home today, and honey it’s beautiful.  It’s on third street, all modern and really gorgeous.  I know some day you and I will be able to have something like that too.  Babe sure is thrilled.  They just went to the show, wanted me to go too but I’d rather stay home and write to you, honey.  They will move in about a week I guess.

I bought a mulberry colored rug today from the people they bought the home from.  It’s real pretty and only $13.00.  I needed it for the living room here, as this room is big enuf I have both rugs in it.  I bought it with some of the money you sent me.

Chingy boy still can’t walk but feels much better.  Should take him to Dubuque soon and give him another shot.

I got a letter from your mother today and she is at Lucell’s and expecting me Oct. 1st.  So I’ll be going in a couple weeks.  Wish you would go too, but now I guess I’m asking the impossible.

Eileen is coming back Sunday–she has been home for a week already.  Pat is still in Philadelphia.


Gee, honey, it’s cold.  I have the oil burner on here in kitchen and it’s warm in the apt. but cold outdoors.

I got sleepy last nite and decided to finish this letter this morning.  Babe and Sam didn’t stop in after the show, but suppose Babe will be over today to look her new home over.  I am going to buy their oil burner too–they have stoker heat* there, and one burner is not enuf here.  So honey, as far as clothes are concerned, I’m not concerned about dressing up, but want to keep a nice home for us.  When you get home then we can both buy nice clothes and baby, we will .  That’s all I look forward to.  I’ve been dreaming of you a lot here lately and honey, I wake up with the blues cuz you were only in my dreams–but for now I must be content with them.

I went out to Mom’s yesterday and we cleaned 16 chickens to put in the locker.  She gave me one for helping so I guess I’ll eat chicken today.  If you were only here….  The canning factory is still running but I hear they have a new crew every day.  It will last another week.

Honey, I’m anxious to receive the souvenirs you are sending me.

I’m going to send your Xmas package soon.  I’ll make some candy and send cigarettes too, if that is all you want, but will send you anything else you want–just let me know.  Hope you have rec’d the cigarettes Sam and Babe sent you, also the one I sent with what Mom and Neomi and Heini sent.

I’m going down after the mail soon and hope I have some word from you.

Well my darling, I don’t know of any more to write but will tomorrow.  I hope you are getting all my mail for I am quite sure I am yours.

Be good and careful, baby, and I’ll be praying for you back here in G’berg.  I love you so much and do want you to hurry and come back home to your mommy.  I need you very much and we’ll be so happy–

All My Love, Your Wife,


Also–Chingy wants you to hurry home too.

XXXXXXX  (Kiss here)         X


*a coal stove

Photo is Babe’s mom, Ella, in her kitchen.


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