Sept 20, 1943: Listening to Gabriel Heatter

My Darling,

I got a letter today.  So sorry you haven’t been getting my mail.  Will send V mail for a change and hope it does better.  I’m listening to Gabriel Heatter * He has been giving us news on General Patton and I’m always interested in that.  I hope everything is alright with you, darling.  I’ve been out to Millville helping Babe pack; they are moving sometime this week.  Mom is moving to south town in Anne Gerder’s house until Spring and then she going to move in her own home.  Eileen came back yesterday.  She is up to Dorothy’s now.  We are going out to Millville again tomorrow and help them.  Honey, I bet what you are sending me is real nice.  From what you write you’re a dear and I love you.  I have been dreaming of you lots lately.  I’ll always love you.

Your wife, Babe


*Gabriel Heatter was a wartime broadcaster known for his optimism. 


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