Sept 23, 1943: Sending a razor

My Darling,

It’s Thursday nite and Eileen and I are waiting for time to go to the show.  I got an air mail from you today written the 8th.  You still write that you haven’t rec’d mail from me recently.  Gee, I hope you have by now cuz it must be awful not getting mail.  Eileen went to work in button shop today and as soon as I go to your mother’s I am going to work in it too.  I’m going to your mother’s the first week in Oct.  Sam, Babe, and I took Ching to Dr. in Dubuque the other nite for shot.  They bought some beautiful new rugs–guess they will move in new home Sat.  I’m helping Babe pack and move–Mom will move Monday I guess.  I hope my baby is O.K and I sure miss you.  Your letter today was sure sweet.  I’m sending razor but will make candy in a day or so and send.  Mabel and Fred gave me the razor to send to you.

All My Love, Your Babevm

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